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what to expect


* No tanning

* No alcohol 24 hours before

* No Advil, ibuprofen or Aspirin 48-72 hours before

* No caffeine (soft drinks, coffee, tea) 24 hours before


We cannot tattoo you if: 
* Skin irritation or blemishes appear around your

brow area

* Pregnant or breastfeeding

* If you are on Retin-A or Retinol, please be off 7 days before your appointment


* Client history form and waiver will be signed

* Brows drawn on and consult with client

* Once approved, tattooing will begin

* Post care to be explained after


* Healing will take approximately 7-14 days

* Please see FAQ for more details


* Recent tanning will affect final results​

* If there has been previous laser removal, scar tissue can affect the outcome and you may need more treatments​

* Botox should be done either two weeks prior or after your appointment

* Avoid Advil, ibuprofen and Vitamin E as this will affect healing

* No exercising day of as this will open up the pores  and can affect your final result